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Community Investment Program Application After completing this application print it. Then return it with a cover letter on your organization s official letterhead and a copy of your 501 c 3 certification to the Media Contact in your area by physical mail. This information can be found on H-E-B s website www. HEB. com under the Community Area. Any information regarding your organization program or event may also be included. This application should be submitted sixty 60 days prior to your...
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A good afternoon everyone my name is angel heartburn the manager of employee relations and the Grimm professional development office here at st Edwards University we are on our third session through our Justin time online career fair, and today I'm going to introduce you my colleague Adrian Ramirez Adrian is the associate director in our office he is going to talk about a couple of different internships that are available and funded through our community service internship program one of those big partners being a TV this program has some history it's been administered through our office since 1999, so it is a tradition here at thing of which to engage in these kinds of internships, and it's something we've been very proud of for a long time, so Adrian is going to talk today about what these internships are how they're set up and how you can apply for them and specifically which organizations are going to be having in terms of the summer Adrian alright thank you, Andrew hi everybody as Andrew mentioned there's been a few minutes talking about our upcoming HEB and enterprise community internship program as Andrew said this is a program that we've coordinated through career professional development for several years, and before I begin talking about some internships available for the summer you want to extend much gratitude and thanks to our partners hen enterprise it is their generous resources and continued support that were able to coordinate this program, and we believe that it provides early amazing opportunities for our students to take on internship experiences and also develop much needed experience and also learn more about the Austin area nonprofit community so let's get into it this is a program again through which our partners provide resources and funding and also allowing some of our area ask the nonprofit organizations to provide eight internships to students at Samantha's university, so essentially this program is a collection of paid internship opportunities lift if you Boston area nonprofit organizations typically internships last 10 weeks throughout the summer and that they are also scheduled for approximately up to 10 hours per week and provide up to and around a thousand dollars for the entire internship experience, so again it is a combination of a paid internship experience along with a chance to take on experience at the nonprofit sector and also provide services to the Austin community so valuable on a lot of different ways for our students what I'd like to do is talk for a few minutes about some of the internships that will be available to this program we do have several organizations selected for summer 2017 I'm not going to talk about them all because we're about to announce Spin or within the very near future but as of the moment I can talk about a few that are listed on the screen right now what I want to do is talk through the internships provided through this program and attached to Texas Casey text protects kids in...
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